1. S. Vandenberghe and P.K. Marsden, Most downloaded paper in Physics in Medicine and Biology in 2015 for their work: PET-MRI: a review of challenges and solutions in the development of integrated multimodality imaging.
  2. Christian Vanhove won the Prometheus award for research from the Ghent University Awards 2014-2015 for his dedication and scientific input in our research projects.
  3. K. Van Audenhaege won the Third Place Student Paper Award at the 2014 IEEE Medical Imaging Conference.
  4. K. Deprez, R. Van Holen, K. Van Audenhaege, S. Vandenberghe, First place poster (instrumentation & data analysis track) in the SNM conference 2012 for their work Additive manufacturing of high density tungsten collimators.
  5. Prof. S. Staelens (ELIS – MEDISIP) and prof. R. Van de Walle (ELIS – MMLAB) are awarded with the Rotblat medal. This medal acknowlegdes the A1 – article with the most citations of the past 5 years in ‘Physics in Medicine and Biology‘. The article was published in 2004 and was entitled: ‘GATE: a simulation toolkit for PET and SPECT‘.
  6. S. Assecondi and her co-authors won the second prize in the student paper competition at the E-mage conference: Liege Image Days 2008 for their work Blind source separation to remove BCG artifact from EEG/fMRI data

  7. H. Hallez, B. Vanrumste, S. Delputte, P. Van Hese, S. Assecondi, Y. D’Asseler and I. Lemahieu, Second prize in student paper competition in the NFSI&ICFBI conference 2007 for their work Dipole estimation errors in EEG source localization due to not incorporating anisotropic conductivities of white matter in realistic head models

  8. Els Fieremans and co-authors won the best poster award at the 8th PhD Symposium of the Faculty of Engineering, Ghent University, 2007 for their work Phantom design for the validation of diffusion magnetic resonance imaging in brain white matter.
  9. S. Vandenberghe has won the EANM 2007 Marie Curie Young Investigator grant at the European Association of Nuclear Medicine meeting in Kopenhagen for his work Impact of Time-of-Flight on reconstruction performance and image quality .
  10. M. Ozdemir, Yves De Deene, Eric Achten, Ignace Lemahieu, Best oral presentation in the Imaging Technologies in Biomedical Imaging (ITBS) 2007 for their work: Quantitative Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy without Water Suppression
  11. S. Vandenberghe, J. Karp and Ignace Lemahieu , Second prize in Computer and Instrumentation Council Young Investigator Award Symposium 2006 for their work: Influence of TOF resolution on object dependent convergence in iterative listmode MLEM

  12. S. Staelens, Scientific Prize BARCO N.V. 2005 for his work: Monte Carlo simulations for system modelling in emission tomography
  13. S. Vandenberghe, Scientific prize BARCO N.V. 2002 for his work: Iterative list mode reconstruction for coincidence imaging

  14. Y. D’Asseler, M. Koole, ESEM2001 congres, may 2001, Belfast, The Dombal Student prize for their work: Three-dimensional geometric sensitivity correction in triple-headed gamma camera coincidence imaging: Separability properties

  15. P. De Neve, Scientific prize BARCO N.V. 2000 for his work: Lossy compression of high resolution color images for telepublishing applications

  16. B. Vanrumste, G. Van Hoey, R. Van de Walle, M. D’ Havé, I. Lemahieu, P. Boon, 10th world congress of the international society for brain electromagnetic topography, ‘young scientist award for the best oral presentation‘ (oktober 1999): The influence of the ventricular system in EEG dipole source analysis

  17. D. Van De Ville, second laureate IEEE region 8 student paper contest 1998, for his work: Non-linear resampling for edge-preserving moiré suppression

  18. P. De Neve, W. Philips, I. Lemahieu, IEEE-ProRISC 1998, best poster award (November 1998) for their work: The lossy compression of CMYK color images using an adaptive and perceptual based quantization scheme

  19. D. Van De Ville, annual BARCO-prize for graduation projects 1998, for his work: A non-linear moiré suppression filter for press

  20. B. Vanrumste, G. Van Hoey, P. Boon, M. D’Havé, I. Lemahieu, ISBET ’98, prize ‘young scientist poster award’ (oktober 1998) for Their work: Reciprocity and lead fields used in the numerical inverse procedure of EEG source analysis

  21. D. Van De Ville, SIDMAR-prize TECHNOLOGY 1998 for his work: A non-linear moiré suppression filter for press

  22. Rik Van de Walle, Scientific prize BARCO N.V. 1998 for his work:
    Movement artifacts in MR-imaging usng projection reconstruction

  23. B. Rogge, I. Lemahieu, W. Philips, S. Van Assche, K. Denecker, P. De Neve, European symposium on clinical imaging and networking, Best Poster Award (April 1998) for their work: Roi-based progressive transmission of medical images accross the internet

  24. G. Van Hoey, W. Philips and I. Lemahieu, IEEE-ProRISC’97, Best Poster Award
    (November 1997)
    for their work: Time-frequency analysis of EEG signals

  25. I. Lemahieu, nominated for the prize of the Alumni of the Academic Foundation 1996

  26. W. Philips, nominated for the prize of the Alumni of the Academic Foundation 1996

  27. W.Philips, Scientific prize SIEMENS 1996 for his work: Warped Polynomials and their Applications in Signal and Image Processing

  28. K. Denecker and J. Van Overloop, AIG-prize 1996 for their work: The generic Radon transform: construction of functions based on
    integration over surfaces

  29. K. Denecker and J. Van Overloop, BARCO-prize for graduation thesis 1996 for their work: The generic Radon transform: construction of
    functions based on integration over surfaces

  30. Y.Vander Haeghen, I.Lemahieu and F.Colardyn, Best Poster Award (European Conference on Cardiac PET research, juni 1995) for their work: Myocardial infarct quantization on PET images using a neural network and simulated annealing

  31. R.Van de Walle, BARCO-prize for graduation thesis 1995 for his work:
    Study of movement artifacts in MR imaging

  32. W.Philips, IEEE-ProRISC’94 Best Poster Award (March 1994) for his work:
    Adaptive Image Compression using Warped Polynomial Base Functions

  33. E.Sundermann, BARCO-prize for graduation thesis 1992 for his work:
    Simulated Annealing for computed tomography

  34. W.Philips, Scientific prize BARCO N.V. 1991 for his work:
    Image segment coding for data compression: properties of the basis functions and fas algorithms

  35. W.Philips, A.I.G.-prize Boulvin-Van Engelen 1989

  36. I.Lemahieu, laureate Travel Grant contest 1988 (Dep. Of the Flemish Community) with PhD thesis

  37. W.Philips, A.I.G.-student prize 1988

  38. I. Lemahieu, first laureate Universitaire Wedstrijd 1983 (Dep. Of Education) wth graduation thesis